KA1350 Land Rover Auto Kit


OEM Automotive Kit

Part Number KA1350
Name Land Rover Auto Kit
Price $314.75
Operating Range This kit works on seats where valve sizes range from 1-1/4" (31mm) to 1-5/8" (41mm)

We do our best to keep OEM kits up to date, but we cannot guarantee that every cutter/pilot you may need will be in the kit. As OEMs bring out new engines additional cutters or pilots may be necessary.

This kit contains

  • Toolcase
    • CA160 : 6 cutter toolcase
  • Cutters
    • CU222 : Standard Series Valve Seat Cutter 31.8mm 70 deg.
    • CU613 : Standard Series Valve Seat Cutter 35mm 20x46 deg.
  • Cutter Part
  • Solid Pilots
  • Wrench
    • TW505 : 1/2" Hex Nylon Fiber T-Wrench